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    Kailyn Williams

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What I enjoy doing?

Helping others grow and creating content one day at a time...


Helping others learn something they didn’t know yesterday is what motivates me. I love helping in any way I can, especially academically.

Mobile Development

I recently started learning mobile development in Android Studio and feel in love with it. Learning iOS Development is my next step...

Working Out

Healthy Body = Healthy Mind, Right?

Web Development

You can look for yourself...



just a little summary about me...

For those that don’t know me, name is Kailyn Williams. I am a software developer/ web developer and a senior at the University of South Carolina Upstate majoring in Computer Science. I plan on graduating in the Spring of 2020 with my bachelor’s to continue pursuing my passion in the computer science field. Additionally, I am Software Developer Intern for VOW Inc. and an IT Intern for Upstate International. I love traveling to big cities, hiking, and tinkering with electronics. If you enjoy doing any of those things feel free to contact me, I love meeting new people!

Below you will see my skills and tools I use for web development as well as my comfortability level

HTML5 & CSS3 100%
PHP 65%
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my lastest projects in the past few months...

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Traffic Light Simulator

Used an Arduino to create a traffic simulator for a Computer Architecture Project

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Barbershop Website

Created a website for one of my clients from scratch (not hosted/in progress)

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Student Registration Database

C.R.U.D entities from the database through a Java program using JDBC API

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Old Personal Website

What I used before this :)